Session 8: Wed 2:00 - 3:00
Collaborative Learning-How the Tools that Your Students Already Use Can Enhance Your Classroom
Presenter: Erin Reilly

This was not a good session. I got their flier and a website, but this session was not a good use of my time. The topic was dealing with what makes a good collaborative learning network. They told us that the preferred method of communication for teens is online, in the form of Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms, and Social Networking site and that we need to be using new ways to communicate with kids. She shared their new project at MIT, Project New Media Literacies. (NML) has recently begun collaborating with classrooms on ideas that can inform all aspects of the educational curriculum, including a paradigm shift in how we teach English, social science, science, math and the other learning experiences. She showed us successful models for creating natural collaboration and communication by combining traditional and online tools. The big problem was that she got through this info very quickly and then just asked us to discuss amongst our table what we were doing. This was not what I came for.

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